Website-Update finished

Dear Members,

"We are running into a downtime of approximately 48hrs beginning Wednesday, March 20th,  00:01 (CET)."

"If everything works well, we will be back online at least on friday."

This is, what we have announced to you.


And this is the recent information to you:

- Update completed
- No loss of data on homepage
- No loss of data in Forum
- Website updated
- Forum updated
- Design updated
- New Serverlist implemented
- Member-squad implemented

- Some changes are still in progress, so please don't be angry, if there is a menu-item missing or if there is a server missing in menu-list or if Squad is not completed yet

Have fun experiencing the "new" =KRH=website

Oh, and before I'll forget: If you find any errors or bugs, please report them in Forum

Thank you all for your patience.


=KRH=LammeSnail                 =KRH=evil-Terror
(Server-Owner)                        (Senior Admin)