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Here you can upload, download and view cheater demos to discuss later. File extensions allowed: dm_68, zip, rar, size max. 1700KB, long should be 1-6 Minutes!

TOPIC: Cheater demo basics again!

Cheater demo basics again! 05 Apr 2012 09:49 #2675

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In the last time I spend hours from my precious time to check demos.
Below I paste the BASICS FOR WATCHING DEMOS post created by Cthulhu in a bit edited version.

I will put the whole later into the Forum Help or Rules. So go on:

1. Its helpful to be an experienced player (1 year or more) on UrT. If you are not experienced enough you will automatically think that all better players are hackers or something like that.
If you suspect an online player, never tell it in the public chat. Go into spectator and make a record.

2.It's a good idea to watch demos in forums, in this case i mean demos of cheaters which are confirmed by experienced and trustfull players.
Watch them and learn from!

3. Of course it is the interest of we all (you as player and us as server administrators) to keep away and permban cheaters and ensure a fair play for all players, so we are all thankful for your efforts for watching, speccing and making demos!

4. Please always analyze your own demo (as if you would do it with other's demo in the Forum). It is not enough if you just record and post, try to post it with more detailed information (cheater name, server, map, date AND timecodes where you see the evidence or where you can see suspicious scenes and you need our help).

5. Use the timescale setting tool for judging the demos which was shared in the form by badass:

File Attachment:

File Name: autoexec.txt
File Size:2 KB

Copy the content of this file into your urbanterror/q3ut4/autoexec.cfg file

6. Demo in autoaim/autoshoot cases should be between 30s-3m, WH demos between 1-6 minutes, and do not upload more than 2 demos in one post. (Each demo maximum 1700kb - you can see the actual size while recording on the the top of your screen.)
Hopefully we can decide from two demos...
If it is necessary or requested, you can upload more.
If you post a demo, YOU HAVE TO enter into the "Subject" field the player and the server name (that the main server admins can see immediately that this demo belongs to them).

If a demo is really short or the actions in the demo are too fast for you to be sure about your suspicion, so you can use the "timescale" command in your console (or using the above autoexec file and then the + and - buttons on your numeric keyboard to adjust timescale on-the-fly while watching the demo).
To use "timescale" do the following steps:
1. open your console
2. type into console: /timescale x (timescale 1.0 is normal speed , timescale 0.5 is half speed , timescale 0.1 is 10 percent of normal speed)
You can choose from 0.1 to 1.0 , it works only with a ". "not with a ","
In slow-motion some things are better to see then with normal speed!
3. press "Enter"
4. close your console
5. start the demo you wanna watch

If you wanna see a demo like a wallhacker, you can use the "shownormals" command. With "shownormals" you can see in a demo through the walls.
Please note,"shownormals" only works in demos , not in game! :rofl:
1. open your console
2. type into console: /r_shownormals 1
3. press "Enter"
4. close your console
5. start the demo you wanna watch
You will see if the suspicious player is really following or aiming the enemy nehind walls, or just moving his/her weapon around.
Just one tip: Important help if the specced player misses an enemy nearby who you can see with shownormals and get shoot by later.
This means if he/she would have WH, could avoid death.

9. While watching a demo (or in game) you should use good headphones, and when i say "good" headphones i mean GOOOOD headphones!
In tactical maps you can locate your enemies by listening their steps or breathing, some suspicious "Wallhackers" only use good headphones!

10. One "dangerous" way would be to download a cheat and watch the demo with activated cheat. This can help to recognize the exact cheat type the cheater used.
Note this: We will NEVERsuggest to anyone to downloading cheats!

Reason: Maybe one day you "only forget" to deactivate your cheats and you connect on a server, or you connect on a server with activated cheats for some other reasons.
The result will be the same: if someone catches you, you will be banned.

No matters who you are .
No matters why you have connected with cheats.

If you are not sure with a demo, you can ask the admins/Forum community for help.

11. Please help others in the Forum by viewing and watching demos. If you share your opinion, please use timestamps and short description to confirm your opinion (e.g.: "2:39 he is preaiming enemy behind wall" or "0:56 he is pulling his weapon all around, there is no autoiam").
Phlegm responses are not acceptable like "nothing special".
Please appreciate the work of each other (demo maker and demo viewers).

In this sense: "Good Hunt" and "No Mercy"


I hope the above can help us all to catch cheaters and enjoy a fair gameplay. The credit goes to Cthulhu and |SLO|badass and evil-Terror.
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

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Re: Cheater demo basics again! 28 Jun 2012 17:56 #4834

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Dear clan-members,
Dear regular players,
Dear registered players,
Dear guests,
Dear all readers from outside the universe :smart:

According to some Changes in the "administrative league" (new senior admins for each server that can do permbans) I suggest the following for adding cheater demos into this forum:

1. for each catched (possible) cheater, please open a new topic
2. into topic or subject (or whatever it's called) please fill in
2.a) name of the suspected player
2.b) server where the player was seen

This will help the admins to watch demos for "their" servers and to find players in database much quicker.

Thank you in advance.

=KRH= evil-Terror
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Re: Cheater demo basics again! 28 Jun 2012 18:06 #4835

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...and please in suspect of WH take demos long enough if possible. (700k upwards)

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Re: Cheater demo basics again! 12 Aug 2012 13:24 #6166

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I edited the demo rules again, today's changes are marked with blue.

But I copy here the most important for you all:

If you post a demo, YOU HAVE TO enter into the "Subject" field the player and the server name (that the main server admins can see immediately that this demo belongs to them).
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Re: Cheater demo basics again! 12 Aug 2012 17:05 #6175

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aaaannnnddddd if you want to spead up the viewing demo process a small bit, you can download UrT Demo Loader from 1up Clan

UrT Demo Loader

Basically install that - tell it where the demo folder is and where the ioUrTded.exe (game file) is.

So now you can run the demo by double clicking on it. It doesn't have to be in the demo folder. So you can start the demo from anywhere.
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LammeSnail - Sun 9 Aug - 17:18

I ask all the admins not to ban the bots. Thx

LammeSnail - Sun 9 Aug - 17:17

Heyy mini, it wasn't meant for you! I know you didn't ban the bots. If you want to come back to play reguraly and need your level on the server, pls let me know and I can restore it. Have fun! :)

mini_killer - Thu 6 Aug - 10:47

BTW, i do not have administrative rights since 2 years i think. I don't know what i did on echelon then, but i permbanned myself on the servers :S . And i can't log in on echelon...

mini_killer - Thu 6 Aug - 10:44

Who banned them? I wanted to play 3-4 days ago, but there was no bots...I waited 5-10 minutes i think, but the bots did not apear...So i had to leave the server.

LammeSnail - Mon 3 Aug - 17:21

WTH did you permban the bots? They are there for a reason!!!!

mini_killer - Sun 26 Jul - 17:22

We still play sometimes...Not all in the same time, but we play sometimes.

balaur - Fri 24 Jul - 07:04

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balaur - Fri 24 Jul - 07:04

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LammeSnail - Sun 19 Jul - 17:25

Heyy Olga, yes we had some problem with the bots, and as soon I realized what, I could fix them. Have fun on the server! :)

olgasergonova - Wed 15 Jul - 01:13

Hey! Really stoked to see some action on KRH Classic again! :D Really stoked to see the bots back as well, they really get things going!Hope to see ya’ll in battle soon ;)

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