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TOPIC: Clan tag vs non-member FunTeamMates

Clan tag vs non-member FunTeamMates 23 Mar 2014 10:40 #19104

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mini_killer : new KRH member?
cliclic : @mini : you mean urbana she is playing with us in funteam
mini_killer : so is a member or not? i asked because i did not see any post about that.
|SLO|badass : @mini_killer This is disturbing for me also. If players are not in KRH why they are in 
|SLO|badass : Don't KRH have rules anymore, or they apply only to some?fun team. To win matches only? There is no fun in that!
PurpleKush : Hello. Just to say that I usually put off tag when I join funny server if I have been using it on a match. If my wife have used it on server is because She forgive do remove it on the player name. Sorry.

Urbie just forgot to change her name.
Yesterday we played official UZ match and everybody who participated in had to wear clan tag.
Urbie is fair regular from our public servers and such as all teammates very valuable for team.

@badass: Team was built firstly on KRH members, next friends from KzH, than regulars from our public servers who'd liked to take part in FunTeam for ex. Urbie:)
Now matches r played only by players who taking part in trainings during week before match.
Team is open for our community, trainings r aslo open for players who'd like to join us.

@=KRH= rules: Do not use clan tag if U r not member? They are members of =KRH=FunTEAM and Purplekush, Urbana, R4ider or Diddle r obligated to wear clan tag during official matches.
One person just forgot to rename after end of the match.

Clic is on holiday up to 31.04.
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idefix - Wed 6 Jan - 18:21

hi all a new year 2021 hope everyone still having health

milan - Wed 30 Dec - 10:39

Is this clan dead like kzh?

idefix - Sun 6 Dec - 16:51

hi all xD

Puppy - Thu 5 Nov - 19:56

Where is everybody?

IO/s - Sat 12 Sep - 00:05


Marri - Tue 8 Sep - 20:01

Hi all!)))

winduni - Sat 15 Aug - 16:01

When you randomly meet Lamme in COD Multiplayer xD

idefix - Wed 12 Aug - 20:29

opsy bad english hope all feeling fine

idefix - Wed 12 Aug - 20:28

Hi all hope you all doing alright xD

LammeSnail - Sun 9 Aug - 17:18

I ask all the admins not to ban the bots. Thx

LammeSnail - Sun 9 Aug - 17:17

Heyy mini, it wasn't meant for you! I know you didn't ban the bots. If you want to come back to play reguraly and need your level on the server, pls let me know and I can restore it. Have fun! :)

mini_killer - Thu 6 Aug - 10:47

BTW, i do not have administrative rights since 2 years i think. I don't know what i did on echelon then, but i permbanned myself on the servers :S . And i can't log in on echelon...

mini_killer - Thu 6 Aug - 10:44

Who banned them? I wanted to play 3-4 days ago, but there was no bots...I waited 5-10 minutes i think, but the bots did not apear...So i had to leave the server.

LammeSnail - Mon 3 Aug - 17:21

WTH did you permban the bots? They are there for a reason!!!!

mini_killer - Sun 26 Jul - 17:22

We still play sometimes...Not all in the same time, but we play sometimes.

balaur - Fri 24 Jul - 07:04

hi all long time guys hahahah

balaur - Fri 24 Jul - 07:04

:O OMG Are you still playing? :O

LammeSnail - Sun 19 Jul - 17:25

Heyy Olga, yes we had some problem with the bots, and as soon I realized what, I could fix them. Have fun on the server! :)

olgasergonova - Wed 15 Jul - 01:13

Hey! Really stoked to see some action on KRH Classic again! :D Really stoked to see the bots back as well, they really get things going!Hope to see ya’ll in battle soon ;)

Cthulhu - Tue 16 Jun - 22:54

Happy b-day Pip ! ;)

Eberhard - Tue 16 Jun - 17:13

whats going on? is there anybody out here? :S

Eberhard - Tue 16 Jun - 17:11

Hello everyone :D

olgasergonova - Sat 6 Jun - 19:55

Hey! I’m trying to make a new topic in the forum but it won’t let me post, saying ”incorrect captcha”. But there is no captcha loading, only a blank space by ”enter code here”. What should I do?

controlleRus - Sun 17 May - 01:56

Thank Cthulhu,say hi from me Ama:)

Cthulhu - Sat 16 May - 22:36

Happy B-day Contro !

controlleRus - Sat 16 May - 14:12

Thank you Snail Joanna T888 :)

LammeSnail - Fri 15 May - 15:55

Happy Birthday Cont! :)

Joanna - Fri 15 May - 13:43

Happy Birthday Controller !!!!!!!!!!

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:05

And what happens when i press here...Kaboomm!!!!Ohhh now i get it,that's why on all this equipment is a little note"THIS SIDE TOWARDS ENEMY"

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:03

Where is that fire button?Trrrrr Trrrrrr good kill! good kill!

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:02

Happy birthday Controller? :@

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:28

See what you've done? You bring urge to terminate again... :P

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:26

!!! FIRE !!!

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:26

Dont tempt me zaspanka,i just took my meds...

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:47

anyone for an evening KRH kill? is 4.3 up?

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:47

wtf??? longer posts not posting...

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:44


Joanna - Tue 28 Apr - 13:11

Happy Birthday Sierra !!!!!!!

T-888 - Mon 27 Apr - 12:14

Happy Birthday Sierra & Wazza !!!Although i don't really remember playing with you,but i logged in today and saw it's your birthday so it doesn't hurt to to give you best wishes... :P

controlleRus - Mon 27 Apr - 01:07

Happy Birthday Sierra :D

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