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If you want to be a member, we have here some basic rules.

The followings are required for new members:

  • You never use any cheat.
  • You play fair and do not use profanity.
  • Your first play on any KRH servers was more then 30 days before.
  • You are a regular player, so minimum with 100 connections.
  • You have in our XLRSTATS statistics minimum 1.25 ratio.
  • You have jumping skills (it is suggested to finish the map uberjumps_beta).
  • You make a duel with one of us to check your skills (usually this is beka's job).
  • You are ready to help other members.

The followings are advantages to become a member:

  • You can compose us new maps and you are ready to publish them as KRH maps.
  • You are a programmer (B3 plugins, UrT modifications).
  • You are good in graphics, draw us nice ads, pictures to the website.
  • You can help us to maintain and/or create new website.
  • You are excelent jumper and/or you have antecedents at other clans.
  • You create your account here.*
  • You Like ClanKRH on FaceBook.
  • You join ClanKRH on Gametracker.
  • You are a good organizer and you are ready to summon KRH members, manage wars, or any common programs.
  • You can donate us.

The followings are unimportant:

  • Your age (altough 14+ suggested). :-)
  • Your country of origin.
Please note we tempban players who use the KRH tag but are not accepted members.

Your membership ends in the following cases:

  • You wish so.
  • You brake our above rules (using cheat etc.).
  • You stop playing on KRH servers for more than 60 days.

And why then to become KRH member?

  • You belong to a happy community
  • You have limitless possibilities to train yourself and become the best player. We have jump servers, classic and custom map servers, private and match servers, etc.
  • You can exercise with helpful and skilled members.
  • We have no obligatory programs.


Puppy - Thu 5 Nov - 19:56

Where is everybody?

IO/s - Sat 12 Sep - 00:05


Marri - Tue 8 Sep - 20:01

Hi all!)))

winduni - Sat 15 Aug - 16:01

When you randomly meet Lamme in COD Multiplayer xD

idefix - Wed 12 Aug - 20:29

opsy bad english hope all feeling fine

idefix - Wed 12 Aug - 20:28

Hi all hope you all doing alright xD

LammeSnail - Sun 9 Aug - 17:18

I ask all the admins not to ban the bots. Thx

LammeSnail - Sun 9 Aug - 17:17

Heyy mini, it wasn't meant for you! I know you didn't ban the bots. If you want to come back to play reguraly and need your level on the server, pls let me know and I can restore it. Have fun! :)

mini_killer - Thu 6 Aug - 10:47

BTW, i do not have administrative rights since 2 years i think. I don't know what i did on echelon then, but i permbanned myself on the servers :S . And i can't log in on echelon...

mini_killer - Thu 6 Aug - 10:44

Who banned them? I wanted to play 3-4 days ago, but there was no bots...I waited 5-10 minutes i think, but the bots did not apear...So i had to leave the server.

LammeSnail - Mon 3 Aug - 17:21

WTH did you permban the bots? They are there for a reason!!!!

mini_killer - Sun 26 Jul - 17:22

We still play sometimes...Not all in the same time, but we play sometimes.

balaur - Fri 24 Jul - 07:04

hi all long time guys hahahah

balaur - Fri 24 Jul - 07:04

:O OMG Are you still playing? :O

LammeSnail - Sun 19 Jul - 17:25

Heyy Olga, yes we had some problem with the bots, and as soon I realized what, I could fix them. Have fun on the server! :)

olgasergonova - Wed 15 Jul - 01:13

Hey! Really stoked to see some action on KRH Classic again! :D Really stoked to see the bots back as well, they really get things going!Hope to see ya’ll in battle soon ;)

Cthulhu - Tue 16 Jun - 22:54

Happy b-day Pip ! ;)

Eberhard - Tue 16 Jun - 17:13

whats going on? is there anybody out here? :S

Eberhard - Tue 16 Jun - 17:11

Hello everyone :D

olgasergonova - Sat 6 Jun - 19:55

Hey! I’m trying to make a new topic in the forum but it won’t let me post, saying ”incorrect captcha”. But there is no captcha loading, only a blank space by ”enter code here”. What should I do?

controlleRus - Sun 17 May - 01:56

Thank Cthulhu,say hi from me Ama:)

Cthulhu - Sat 16 May - 22:36

Happy B-day Contro !

controlleRus - Sat 16 May - 14:12

Thank you Snail Joanna T888 :)

LammeSnail - Fri 15 May - 15:55

Happy Birthday Cont! :)

Joanna - Fri 15 May - 13:43

Happy Birthday Controller !!!!!!!!!!

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:05

And what happens when i press here...Kaboomm!!!!Ohhh now i get it,that's why on all this equipment is a little note"THIS SIDE TOWARDS ENEMY"

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:03

Where is that fire button?Trrrrr Trrrrrr good kill! good kill!

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:02

Happy birthday Controller? :@

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:28

See what you've done? You bring urge to terminate again... :P

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:26

!!! FIRE !!!

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:26

Dont tempt me zaspanka,i just took my meds...

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:47

anyone for an evening KRH kill? is 4.3 up?

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:47

wtf??? longer posts not posting...

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:44


Joanna - Tue 28 Apr - 13:11

Happy Birthday Sierra !!!!!!!

T-888 - Mon 27 Apr - 12:14

Happy Birthday Sierra & Wazza !!!Although i don't really remember playing with you,but i logged in today and saw it's your birthday so it doesn't hurt to to give you best wishes... :P

controlleRus - Mon 27 Apr - 01:07

Happy Birthday Sierra :D

sierra - Sat 25 Apr - 22:22

hi my friends, any senior admins around?2 members of my family, husband and wife banned probably from the ip issue. Their nicks are roadrunner and cubukkkraker. would you pls help us :)thnx

sierra - Tue 14 Apr - 22:38

Hi everybody, nice to see all old friends.Pls take care, use daily multivitamins plus C and also when ur outside do not put off your mask although ur alone. See you in classic4.3 :)

Marri - Mon 13 Apr - 19:25

Hi! And Happy Easter to everyone! With best regards to all! :)

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